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Hi there! My name is Wesley Murph, and I want to welcome you to the “unplugged” section of my website.  Why am I calling this section the “unplugged” section?  Because everything here is a raw and spontaneous interview of me either on TV … the radio … or a Podcast. I like to think of this section much like your favorite band unplugging their Marshall amps … in favor of a few Taylor acoustic guitars. I hope you enjoy what’s here!  And check back from time to time since I update this section regularly.

Blow your competition to smithereens,


Wesley Murph

  P.S. If you’d like to interview me for your radio show … or your podcast … or even your TV program, please send an email to my assistant at  And in your email, please describe your show.  Please tell us what you’d like me to talk about.  And please tell us how to contact you.

My TV Episode with Cesar Millan aka The Dog Whisperer!

… I used a very creative direct mail package to get Cesar’s

attention and get my business on Cesar’s TV show


Laurel Staples interviews Wes Murph

Laurel Staples from interviews Wesley Murph about: “How to Quit Your Job and Start a Business”

Jeff Steinmann interviews Wesley Murph

Jeff Steinmann interviews Wesley Murph for Jeff’s show called How to Quit Working

Jeff Steinmann interviews Wesley Murph

Hollis Chapman interviews Wesley Murph for Hollis’s show called Pursue Your Passion

Michael Dresser interviews Wesley Murph

Michael Dresser interviews Wesley Murph about Personality Marketing for Michael’s show called “The Michael Dresser Show”

Ray and Steve interview Wesley Murph

Local Radio Show with Ray and Steve Interviews Wesley Murph — aka The Marketing Maniac

Wesley Interviewed for AHRN

American Hope Radio Network interviews Wesley Murph

Michele Scism Interviews Wesley Murph

Michele Scism from Take Action, Get Profits
interviews Wesley Murph

Kathleen Gage Interviews Wesley Murph

Kathleen Gage interviews Wesley Murph for Her
Radio Show called Power Up For Profits!