A Man? ... A Marketer? ... A Maniac?


Who is the real Wesley Murph?



From: Maniac Headquarters

Somewherzzzz in Portland, OR


Sunday 11:27 am


Dear Friend,


Picture this.  It was July 15, 1969.  And the telephone was ringing at Detroit pizza joint. 


The manager answered the phone, and took the caller's order.


Fifteen minutes later, a delivery boy named Richard Davis hopped in his car, and sped down the rain-soaked road to make the delivery.


       When Richard arrived at the address, he hopped out of his car as three armed men stuck a gun in his face. 


A struggled ensued. 


Two shots were fired ...


POW! ... ... POW!


And Richard collapsed to the ground, while his guts spilled to the street like gooey Brie.


Text Box: How to Hire a Copywriter:
Tip #1 – The way to open a sale?

     There is a right way ... and a wrong way ... to open a sale.  The 'right' way gets your prospect reading your piece.  While the wrong way gets your message discarded. 

     Before you hire a copywriter, ask him or her, 'What is the best way to open a sale?'  Based on their answer, you'll be able to determine if you're dealing with someone you should hire.

He survived, but the incident left him searching for a way to protect himself.


Months later, Richard designed ...


The first all-Kevlar,

bulletproof vest!


Richard tried to sell his new vest to police and the military.  But nobody believed it could stop a bullet. 


So here's what Richard did: 


During his sales presentation, Richard would ask an audience member for their gun.  He would then aim the gun at his own chest, and pull the trigger!


Petrified spectators saw that Richard's vest had in fact stopped the speeding bullet.


Orders flooded in.


       And Richard's company (called Second Chance Body Armor) became gargantuan ... until Richard eventually sold it for $45 million.


And the point to remember?


If you want to sell more ... lots more ... with hardly any resistance from your prospects ... then include a powerful proof element in your sales presentation  ... and orders will flood into your business.


And speaking of powerful proof elements, how I about I introduce myself, and unbridle mine?


Hi!  I'm Wes.


And I get paid to get people to buy things.


Some call me a copywriter.  Others call me annoying. 


The bottom line is, I sell things to people using ink and the alphabet.  And while I'd love to tell you that I raised myself from picking strawberries to studying Socrates at Harvard ...


Text Box: How to Hire a Copywriter:
Tip #2 – How many controls do you have in the mail?

     I encourage you to ask a potential copywriter, 'How many control pieces they have in the mail?'  The best copywriters have the most control pieces ... in the mail.  

     And that's because there's no room for 'sloppy copy' in direct mail since this media is so expensive.  

That wouldn't be true.


I went to a regular college. 


I nearly flunked out.


I was lost ... confused ... and wondering if I was destined to burger flipping, when I took a Nutrition 101 course and 'got hooked'. 


Eventually, I graduated with a 3.7 GPA in Nutritional Science. 


I then went to graduate school.


I graduated (again).


I became a Registered Dietitian.


And soon after, I hit the pavement selling medical nutrition to doctors ' nurses ' dietitians ' speech language pathologists ' and every other healthcare contact you can name.


I made plenty of papery green stuff.


       I bought a cookie-cutter house in San Diego.  I got married.  I had a gang of friends, and was livin' large when ...


       One day, I came home from a long day of selling, and announced to my wife that I was quitting my high-paying sales job ' in ' order ' to ' start ' a '


Pet Business?


Looking back, my wife should have locked me in the nearest rubber room.  Instead, she injected hope into my cockamamie plan.


Text Box: How to Hire a Copywriter:
Tip #3 – How to hold attention?

     It's easy to keep your prospect's attention, so long as your copywriter does one thing.  I learned this tip from a brilliant man.  And the more your copywriter does it, the longer your prospect will pay full attention.

     Scientists have studied this technique.  And they know it increases dopamine in the brain.  And since dopamine is the 'chemical of attention' ... this technique can transform your marketing campaign into a gigantic winner.

     I encourage you to ask a potential copywriter how they hold someone's attention.  If they can't answer this question, you may want to search for someone who can.

Fast-forward a few months:


And once my pet business opened, I needed customers. 


And since I couldn't knock on doors like I had in medical sales, I headed to the local Barnes and Noble, where I stumbled upon a book about direct marketing. 


I used this book to write hundreds of direct marketing campaigns to get customers ' referrals ' and repeat sales. 


And quickly, my business went from nobody to lots-of-bodies.


Here, take a look:



Text Box: "Here's a picture of Cesar Millan and me, taken minutes after we filmed a 46-minute episode of The Dog Whisperer at my business!  In fact, if you want to watch the full episode ... click on the 'unplugged' tab on my website, and enjoy."



I landed in the newspaper '







I wrote a column for the local paper '




Text Box: "The local newspaper in my town let me write a column.  Here's a copy of an article I wrote for the February 5, 2009 edition.  How did I get this writing gig?  I used multiple direct response marketing campaigns to get the attention of the editor and gently pitch my idea.  It worked.  And this article is proof."



I was on the cover of pet trade publications ' and even wrote a column for this one '




I attracted celebrity clients such as legendary NFL and NCAA football coach Norm Chow ... 86 Red Sox player Steve Lyons ... bestselling mystery author Dean Koontz ... Pam Anderson ... Dancing with The Stars Anna Trebunskaya and Jonathan Roberts ... comedian Tracy Morgan ... and Sons of Anarchy actors Ron Perlman and Kim Coates.






I even got Elvis to promote my business ...


Description: Macintosh HD:Users:wesmurph:Desktop:IMG_0158.JPG


         I knew I had a knack for writing sales copy when ...


Dan Kennedy & Bill Glazer flew me to the Super Conference ... and crowned me the 'winner' in front of thousands of the world's best direct marketers.


       I got to meet Ivanka Trump during that trip ...





And here's what Bill Glazer said about me ...

















Next, I won 2nd place in Clayton Makepeace's contest '


Text Box: 'Here I am with the master himself, Clayton Makepeace.'


'Clayton Makepeace's Marketing Contest Runner Up'


'Here are he runners up – winners of a $100 Visa gift card (in no particular order):  Wes Murph, 'If my house was burning'' – another great word picture that dimensionalizes how valuable Quick Start is for Wes.'

- 09/29/2010

Wendy Makepeace

The Makepeace Total Package


















I even worked briefly with legend Jay Abraham since my pet business was a sneeze away from Jay's office.



'From Jay Abraham''


'Hello Wes.  Jay would like to set up a call with you later next week, and then meet with you after that.  Could you please provide your availability to us?'

- 12/04/2009

Gina St. Denis

Jay Abraham's Executive Assistant

The Abraham Group

Palos Verdes, CA





But after a lot of thought, I decided to leave this busy-as-a-termite-on-a-woodpile pet business ...


In order to become a full-time direct response copywriter. 


And once again my lovely wife supported me, which makes me wonder ...



Her or Me?


Here are a few things I've accomplished with ink and the alphabet:


I've written campaigns for Agora ... Soundview ... Miracle Breakthrough Labs ... Hampshire Labs ... Worldwide Herbals ... Craig Huey ... and many others. 


As I write this, I have five controls in the mail.


One client said this about me:


I've also written copy with ' and been graciously mentored ' by some of the best (and most patient) direct response copywriters to ever lay ink to canvass, including:  Parris Lampropoulos ... David Deutsch ... Brad Petersen ... and Scott Haines.


And, if you rummage around my website, or go to Apple iTunes, you'll see that I've interviewed sales and marketing greats: 


Ted Nicholas ... NY Times Bestseller Daniel Pink ... copywriting superstar David Deutsch ... control buster Josh Manheimer ... million dollar copywriter Brain Keith Voiles ... legendary copywriter Richard Armstrong ... referral magician Bill Cates ... Gary Halbert's top prot'g' Scott Haines ... and many, many more!


       These are some of the savviest folks in business.


       And their secrets can help you grow your business faster than I can wolf a Koi Fusion burrito (which happens to be my favorite food cart in Portland).


Description: Macintosh HD:Users:wesmurph:Desktop:IMG_0303.JPG



For now, how about we shift gears and talk about the fact that I wasn't the easiest kid to raise. 


No ... scratch that. 


I was a humong-O pain in the bung-holeeee-O. 


How come? 


Because I had more energy than a case of Monster Energy Drink.  So what do you do with a kid bouncing off the walls?


       My parents chose:




Text Box: How to Hire a Copywriter:
Tip #4 – Do you spend your own money?

     Perhaps the best question you can ask a copywriter is this, 'Do you spend your own money testing copy you've written?'  If they do, you're probably dealing with a pro.  If they don't, be careful.

I played anything with a ball and a scoreboard.  And I quickly exceled in sports too.  In fact, playing them was what I needed to burn off energy. 


Here ' take a look at a few pictures:




And since I've mentioned her several times, here's another picture you should see ...



Text Box: "Here's a picture of my wife, Elliot and me taken at a photo event at my business."



What you're looking at is a picture of my wife 'Montreal' and our 12-year-old ... half blind and going deaf (but always hungry) ... black lab named Elliot.


       I can't thank Montreal and Elliot enough.


       So that about does it for me.


Text Box: How to Hire a Copywriter:
Tip #5 – Who's your top influence?

     You should ask a copywriter to tell you who has influenced them most.  You'll probably get a variety of answers.  But there's arguably one copywriter who is the best of the best.  If your prospect mentions his name (initials GB) you know you're dealing with a player.

But before we turn-off the music and scamper out of this party, I want to leave you with one last story that explains why I've dubbed myself The Marketing Maniac:


It was December 2, 2006.


And I had just opened an 850-square-foot pet business in Hermosa Beach, California. 


To drum up business, I was sitting in my store, writing a sales letter to dog owners with dirty pooches ...


When the chime on my door ...




I looked up, and noticed a figure standing in my business.


But I couldn't get a read on this shadowy person because their head was wrapped in gauze bandages ... like they were either coming from a hospital or going to a Halloween party. 


So I got up, and walked towards the bandaged stranger.


When the cryptic person began waving a piece of paper at me.


'Ahhhhhhh ... you got my letter,' I said.


'Yes ... and I came to talk about it,' the bandaged lady said.  


Text Box: How to Hire a Copywriter:
Tip #6 – Copywriters vs. Marketers?

     There are lots of copywriters for hire.  Few are skilled marketers.  The difference?  Copywriters make you money, while marketers make you rich.  

     I advise you to hire someone who's skilled at both.  This person is rare.  But he or she will be able to advise you on your overall marketing plan.  They will also be able to write your campaigns.  

Bandaged Lady said she was driving home from her plastic surgeon's office, when she decided to see who had mailed her this letter ... and so many like it.


The letter in Bandaged Lady's hand wasn't your run-of-the-mill sales letter. 


It was written in my dog Elliot's voice. 


And it was addressed to her dogs ... Harold and Baines.


How did I know Bandaged Lady owned two dogs named Harold and Baines?




A few weeks before, I'd asked City Hall for a list of dog owners who'd paid for a dog license.  And since this list is public records, I received an Excel spreadsheet with the address of thousands of dog owners near my business. 


Even better, the list included the names of the dogs.


So imagine that:


       As Bandaged Lady picked up her mail ... sitting atop her bills, pizza coupons and credit card applications ... was a letter written to her two dogs. 


How could Bandaged Lady ignore it?


She couldn't.


Text Box: How to Hire a Copywriter:
Tip #7 – Want to hire me?

     At the moment, my writing schedule is full.  But things may change.  You can certainly drop me an email, to see if I have time for your project.  But I can't promise anything.

     If you're interested send an email to HireWesley@wesleymurph.com.  Please make sure your subject line says:  Hire Wesley.  Otherwise, your email may get lost in cyberspace. 

In fact, I'd bet all the syrup in an IHOP that Bandaged Lady read every word of that letter before she read anything else ... because ... after all ... when had she ever received a letter addressed to her dogs?


       And Bandaged Lady wasn't the only one.


The sales letter in Bandaged Lady's hands ... and hundreds like it ... helped me build that pet business we were talking about a few minutes before.


       But that's not the end of the story:


       You see, as Bandaged Lady walked out of my business, she turned and said ...


'You do so much marketing,

you should call yourself

The Marketing Maniac ...'


I thanked her for the compliment. 


And the idea was birthed.


Thanks for reading, and best of luck.


Blow your competition to smithereens,

Wesley Murph

Wesley Murph

The Marketing Maniac